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hi to all,
could someone help/teach me how to copy a Word Doc Picture into Cad?
or, could someone teach me how to copy the said Picture into Cad
directly from an internet address?
I copied and pasted the 'pic' (?) from a net page but it only came out with
a half of it when I placed it in Word; So I then tried it straight from the
but couldnt get it to 'show' in cad, although I did get it to show that some
sort of 'item' had been copied as it had the attributes of being a .bmp or
similar. (ie, it appeared on my cad screen with the usual resizing grab
even though there was nothing in it.)
The method I used to paste into cad was
3)microsoft word picture
I would rather just copy and paste it into word, but dont know if Word
will allow me to rotate to landscape so that I can fit it in.
The site I'm trying to copy from is::::
formatting link

I dont need the text on the page, just the chart.
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If you want to work on it as a CAD drawing, with AutoCAD anyway, you will have to turn the raster image into vectors. There are a few programs that will do this with a greater or lesser degree of success. I use one called Scan2Cad.
If not there doesnt seem much point in putting into a CAD application. You might be able to work on it with a raster editing program, but this is a CAD group! so you are asking draughtsmen and engineers, not graphic artists.
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If I simply do "Copy Image" in my browser and "Paste" in cad, it drops the gif image into cad with the same (poor) quality it had on the net. I can move it and resize it.
If for some reason that will not work for you and you have a decent graphics program - Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop - save the gif image to your hard drive, open it in the graphics program and change it to a bitmap and copy and paste or import it into cad.
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I will second that recommendation. Irfanview is simple, free, and effective.
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IrfanView is shareware and deals with multiple file formats. jpg bmp tif etc.
it's as old as the hills and I have always been able to cut and paste between it and acad. paste from the net.
it does things like resizing, rotations, flips and greyscale......
probably very similar to paintbrush, but I like the user interface. probably mostly because it is familiar to ME.
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. so you are asking draughtsmen .......
I was filling out some HP forms before Christmas and put down 'draughtsman' in the occupation box. The girl behind the counter had no idea what that was, so I explained that "I draw engineering plans"....(still a blank look on her face)...."like house plans". Then it dawned on her....she said "Oh, I thought it had something to do with sheep...you know.....when you draft them"
'Draughtsperson' is just too PC.....
Brian NZ
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OK. Now you've got me interested, and a bit embarrassed by my ignorance of animal husbandry... Sheep are drafted? Is there a minimum age for that?
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Michael Bulatovich
"Drafted" as in separated, one type from another type.
Maybe Ewes (Females) from Rams (Males). or quality of fleece before shearing.
Hope this helps
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Yes, thanks. Never seen the word used that way...
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Michael Bulatovich
Lends a larger meaning to the statement "We need some new drafting pens!" eh?
Toomba bloody woomba?
Happy Trails To You
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Happy Trails
I don't know where Toombawooba is, but I'm 50km from Whangamomona.......
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Use the OLE insertion Object Linking and Embedding that comes with your cad software. It becomes a linked object that can be a word doc., bitmap, excel spreadsheet, and many more. Look in your help for OLE and it should direct you to the proper pull down menu or command.
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John D. Fisher

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