dang it, what's that formula to figure out the size of a kit ?

trying to figure out how tall a 1/25 figure would be. lots of jimmy
flintstone girl figures on ebay.
scale x 12 divided by ???
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Simple. A 6 foot man is 72 inches which when divided by 25 is 2 7/8" tall. Women average around 5'6" so that would be 66" or about 2 5/8" tall. A 1/24 scale man would be a bit taller as would a 1/24 scale woman.
Don't ask me to work out measurements...
Cookie Sewell
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Scale-Size = Real-Size divided by Scale-Factor
SS = RS / SF
SS = 72in /
25 = 2.88 inches for a 6 foot tall subject (72") SS = 60in / 25 = 2.40 inches for a 5 foot tall subject (60")
So around 2 1/2 to 3" for short to tall subjects.
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first convert the full size measurement to a convienient unit for example: height in feet x 12 inches/foot = height in inches. The apply the scale height in inches x 1/35 = height in inches/35 = height of 1/35th scale representation.
to convert feet to inches multiply by 12
to convert inches to millimeters multiply by 25.4
to convert feet to millimeters - first convert feet to inches to inches (x12), then inches to millimeters (x 25.4), then apply scale
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