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Hey All,
Ok, so I've been using AutoCAD 2004 for ages without having this problem,
but yesterday for some reason that escapes me it started. The problem is
this: When moving, copying, mirroring or anything which involves viewing the
objects you are modifying, they disappear. The original line/s stay solid,
but you are also supposed to see the same objects moving across your screen
when you move the crosshairs after selecting the basepoint, all this has
gone, all I see is the original line/s and the crosshair but no dotted
line/s representing the selected objects. This is really pissing me of,
especially when drawing building elevations.
If anyone can help me solve this problem or let me know if there is a system
variable that I can use I will appreciate it greatly. I just don't get why
this has started, I have changed nothing on my system for ages.
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DRAGMODE --> Auto.
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Paul Turvill
You da man. Thanks mate, life saver.
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