Plot styles in multiple locations - 2004

We have a company standard set of plot styles for the various printers that
are stored on the server. I can set the path to it in options, files. It
does not appear to allow multiple paths. Some users have their own special
purpose styles for certain projects. They could dump theirs on the server
too, but then we end up with a bazillion styles to browse through. Is there
a way to set multiple paths? I'm guessing no, but wanted to be sure. Now we
have to copy the standard styles to each machine.
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That'sre offica standards come peeking around the corner. If users are allowed to create their own "standards" you get a mess. Unless it is approved by the office, this should not be allowed. Anyway, maybe you can solve the problem by using different profiles for autocad. Each profile can contain a different path to the plotstyles, maybe organized by project?
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