DXF: Hidden Groups

At my work we are running into a problem where it takes 2-5 mins to
dxf a file. Trying to come up with a solution we ran an audit pass
one comes up 26 pass two 26, and pass three comes up 3700.
After deleting everything in the drawing and saveing it the file is
half a meg in size, everything has been purged and nothing is drawn.
If we draw a line in this file and copy clip it out to a new drawing
those 3700 hidden entitys get coppied over.
Can anyone tell me how I am to find where these hidden entitys are and
what is creating them.
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Try to Wblock the drawing.
"Madcoil" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...
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This is the way we usualy go about it
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