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Hi Group,
Can anyone advise which is the best cad program for designing electrical
circuits and all matters electrical.
Thanks in advance,
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Microstation is best
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It depends on exactly what you're trying to do. Ladder logic? One-line diagrams? Controls? Commercial building electrical layout? Printed circuit boards? Electronic circuits? No one tool is best for all.
Dennis wrote:
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Martin Shoemaker
Yes, except for a number of other programs that will do as well or better. "Dennis" wrote in message > >
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We used to have a kid named Ralph. He was like a machine. Okay, he _was_ a machine. Hand him a rough schematic on a grocery bag, or pile of paper napkins, and in an afternoon, he'd have a beautiful schematic, ready to ... check.
Ralph, like a lot of drafting programs, had no understanding of what a schematic actually meant, or how the graphical elements were supposed to be, or not supposed to be, connected.
The programs that _do_ understand linkages between graphical elements are generally expensive, slow, very hard to learn or use, and can't make a 'pretty' drawing at all.
I wish I could find Ralph.
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Mike Halloran

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