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a client of us has got autdesk inventor 5.3 and showed me some problems on a drawing. I have investigated that there is a part of the drawing that has been supplied by someone else and which has been imported from a foreign format (step). The client says: inventor has to work with foreign standard formats, if not it is an error on the product The vendor (of inventor) says: you have to work on foreign parts. It is normal that if you import parts from another format you lose some information and generally you cannot expect them to work without doing anything.

could someone explain me the general situation about working with multiple (standard) formats?

Thanks Josef

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Josef Jarousse
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I have absolutely NO experience with the specifics you mention, so keep that in mind when considering my response.

In general, I've found that any conversion from one format to another results in some amount of lost/corrupted data. In many cases, the errors aren't enough to cause problems. I say this about computer files, in general, not just CAD specific files. Translate a relatively complicated Word file to Wordperfect and you'll find the same issue.

Unless the data you're translating is relatively simple, I can't imagine achieving consistent, completely accurate conversion, regardless of the type of file or software. (Maybe my expectations are too low.)

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Your vendor is right. Your client is either ignorant of the facts or is just trying to put it on you. Converting files across formats is a give and take situation.. You both have to work together to work out file formats, styles, ect.

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No, Tom, your expectations are not low. I have dealt with a number of formats into and out of a number of programs and there is no guarantee.

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