I upgraded to Windows XP and now AutoCAD 2000 won't work with it. Is there a
patch out there?
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Right click on the exe, select properties and set the compatibility mode to WINNT.
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Jim Claypool
Is there an easy way to convert DWG-DXF to JPEG
Regards Colin
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well there are several methods to do this
1: hold down the ctrl+print scrn button and a copy of your screen will be in the clip board. simply paste it in ms paint and save it as a jpeg. (however image resolution is non exsistant)
2: saveimg in autocad (can save to bmp,tga, or tiff) however again, images resolution is non existant.
3: render in autocad then save to a file (however this pretty much defets the purpose as text, and other items may not display the way you planed) yet you can set the image resolution practically a high as you want.
4: plot to a plot file and use a thrird party converter
5: use a program like PDF995 to create a virtual ploter on your computer and save it as a PDF. then use there PDFedit995 program to convertthe pdf you just made into a jpeg image.
personally option 5 is my favorite. as you can get almost any practical resolution, with the least amount of hassle.
hope this helps
rockon ! remember its not work, its autocad!
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Adam B
Thanks for the info Much appreciated
Adam B wrote:
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You need to add a raster printer and select the output as JPEG.
When working out the resolution you need to establish how large you want the image to be and then multiply that size by the dpi you want. Use these to set a custom resolution.
A word of warning. The file size will be large and it will take a long time.
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Ian A. White

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