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Hi all,
Just a minor query. Recently for some unknown reason when I use the offset
command for example after drawing a rectangle using that
command(rectangle-square) I try to offset by approx 30mm to the inside of
the already drawn square but the command wont allow another square inside
the first, but throws it somewhere outside theparameters of existing
drawing.. However, if I try to offset the same square outside the already
drawn square, it will work.
Can anyone suggest whats happening??
regards Jim Williams
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Jim Williams
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If your rectangle is less than 30mm in any direction it won't let you offset it by 30 - basically because that's impossible if you think about it. Not heard of it shifting it outside the drawing though. What's the size and position of your rectang?
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Daniel J. Ellis
Offset and other commands where you click into open space can have such unpredictable results in a 3D drawing....
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Michael Bulatovich
I have experienced a similar problem when the rectangle is a large (1000+) units away from 0,0. Last time I checked I think it was listed as a "Known Problem"
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Just zoom in close to the rectangle and make your second pick (for offset side) a small distance inside. A pick close to the centre of the rectangle can confuse acad.
John B
johnbogie Put the "at" in the gap.
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