Water Jet drawing format

I have to send a drawing to a water jet place for them to cut some pieces
for us, but I have no idea what program he is using, or what information he
need from me. Does anyone have any one know anything about this, as they are
not being helpful.
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As they are not helpful on giving information about what program they use or what data they need, how would there product look like? Would they give support on it? I guess you better look for another company since data exchange is one of the key factors these days, if its stuck there the rest may also be not as expected.
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Usually a dxf file is all they need. Make sure the drawing is accurate, purge all unused layers, dimensions, blocks, etc. Then dxfout.
We usually remove all dimensions (not necessary for producing the blank if the blank is drawn accurately) and just send a bare dxf using one layer.
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B. W. Salt.
perfect, thanks
It wasn't so much as they weren't being helpful, as I had a hard time getting them on the phone, and as it turns out they don't want SPLINES either, they told me to convert them to Polylines
thanks again guys
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Here is an "Engineer's Guide to Designing Waterjet Parts":
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There you will find information tips for sending files, as well as tips on design changes you can make so that the parts come out faster, cheaper, higher tolerance, etc.
The same web site also has job-shop listings where you can get work done, and a lot of other waterjet related information.
If Slines are giving you trouble, then you may also want to check out some of the conversion utilities from Kandu Software
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, though I would first follow the advice on my web site regarding transfering files.
- Carl Waterjet Web Reference
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Carl Olsen

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