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I've got a bit of a problem here. I have a mindstorm robot which has a java program running under lejos, but now I need a way to send messages to the robot from an webservice. I've found softWIRE

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which allows me to send message to the robot. But the robot doesn't react on them. The messages do get send out but the program on the robot doesn't react. Can anyone help me with this. So I need to be able to send a message from C# to the robot which is running lejos 2.1.0. I need this information for a school project.

Thanks on advance, gabriel

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Try this:

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so, you'll be "my personal tester" ;-) I'm teaching in an Italian HighScholl and i would like to use mindstorm in my labs. Please let me know your progress. Stefano

"gabriel" wrote:

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Stefano DF

This was done in Java using jini some time ago as a demo.

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Rob Antonishen

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