LeJOS error

I have the latest version of LeJOS and the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.3.1. When I
try to compile the example program view using "lejosc" I get an error
saying "Unable to execute javac. Return status of exec is -1. Make sure
javac is in the PATH, or define JAVAC." I have both the LeJOS binaries
directory and the Java 2 SDK binaries directory in the PATH system
Please help me!
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snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com writes:
you could be a little more explicit about the Lejos version and the OS you use (I suppose it is Lejos 2.1.0 and some version of MS-Windows).
This seems to happen sometimes on MS-Windows, for unknown reasons. You could try a newer Java version or the newer lejosjc. You can also ask on the lejos mailing list, as I'm not an MS-Windows expert.
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Juergen Stuber

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