Hidden CAD goodies.

Im told that if you hold certain keys on certain screens, there are several
(hidden) in-built CAD games / funnies / photos. I tried one which showed the
creators of CAD in a photo. I can remember the specifics but it was pressing
a key in help > about Autocad
Does anyone know anymore? Gotta while away these hot days somehow!
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There are undocumented functions and optional parameters , but except from that, AutoCAD is a bunch of math. functions and highly compressed code, that leave no workspace for things like that,--------- what you fill into the work mem have alway's been very compressed , bade enough also in terms of 2D rather than 3D. Back with old versions, where Processor or Dos made avaible workspace a critical issue, a lot of what Windows today profit from, was already in AutoCAD --------- paging and access to low expanded memory thru same chanals Dos develobed to handle large hard disks and extended memory, ----- no hanky panky if you just know how valuable 2 Kb. more space would prove back then, you wouldn't wonder why Dinusaurs rust, they do so as they are made out of steel ;)) P.C.
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What you are referring to are known as "Easter Eggs". Here the ones that I know of:
**** 2004 (and LT/Desktops)****
On the Format pulldown menu, select color. Activate the Index Color tab (ACI tab) within the Color Dialog Box. Hold down the control key and double click (left mouse button) over color 152 ("AutoDesk Blue"). A new dialog box opens. Make sure your speakers are on. Use your left mouse button to Orbit and the right mouse button to Zoom.
**** 2000 ****
**NOTE: If you changed the Start in Directory the egg will not work. To see the egg, go to the AutoCAD folder and double click on the ACAD.exe file.**
On the Format pulldown menu, select Style. Hold down the shift key and left click on the dimension preview image. A new dialog box opens displaying a large T (for Tahoe). Use the Play pulldown to start the animation.
**** R14 ****
On the Help pulldown menu, select About AutoCAD R14 Hold down the shift and control keys, left click on the AutoCAD R14 image on the left side. A new dialog box will display a picture and scrolling text. If you left click the scrolling text will speed up. If you right click the scrolling text will slow down.
**** Bonus Tools for R14 ****
On the Bonus Tools pulldown menu, select About Bonus. In the center of the letter O, of the word Bonus, you'll find a red dot. Left click on the dot.
**** AutoDesk Express Viewer ****
On the Help pulldown menu, goto the Help menubar and select About. Hold down the control key and left click on the image. This will launch a browser window and take you to a page titled "Larry's Head"
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Chip Harper
Do you know of any Easter eggs for ACAD LT 2002?
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Dan S.
anyone get this to work?
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Yes, it works for me.
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