How can I get my autocad 2004 crosshair back to it's original state???

I can't seem to restore my autocad crosshair pointer back to the way
it looked when I first ran autocad. My cursor has a crosshair and a
box with a X through the box in the middle of the crosshair, but I
just want the the crosshair with the box, but not the X. Please
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The best tips to you is to delete your autocad and upgrade to Alibre Design Pro. It´s much cheaper and much better 3D program.
Best, Benny.
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Are you trying for an idiot award?
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Try this: Options > Profiles If there is only one profile listed, it's most likely "unnamed profile". Click it once to select it. Click "rename". Give it a name, such as "my profile". Click ok Now click "add to list" and name a new profile "acad default". Select it and click "set current". Make sure it is the current one. It is shown on the top left of the options dialog. Now click "reset". This will restore all default settings. You should now have two profiles; the original that you were modifying all along and another with the acad defaults.
Ok out of Options and check your cursor. It should be back to acad default, however, so is every other variable setting that you may have changed. But now you can always revert back by going back to options > profiles and making "my profile" current.
One of the first things that anyone should do IMMEDIATELY after installing acad is to go into profiles, change "unnamed profile" to something like "acad default" and then export it (.arg file) to some location where you keep backups. Then add a new profile, name it, and make it current. All changes you make will be to that current profile. The original will be preserved. It's also a good idea to export your profile from time to time so you can restore it (import) if things get fouled up. Having several profiles can help too depending on your work.
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He already has several.
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