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I amusing AC 2008 LT. I have a layer called Objects. The line color
for this layer is black and solid. I have a second layer called
Hidden. The line color for hidden is green and dashed.
If I make the Hidden layer current and then offset a line that is on
the Objects layer I get a new line that has the properties of the
Objects layer. What I want is a line that has the properties of the
Hidden layer.
Is this the nature of AC or do I have to change something somewhere?
Thanks for any and all help.
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That's just how it works. You could write a routine that changed the object's layer properties for you when "offseting", otherwise I think you're stuck with it.
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Use the 'Help' system and search for 'Change Properties'. You will then find that you can change your offset line to a different layer, colour and line form.
I suggest 'Help' because I do not have 2008LT and can't point you to the 'Properties' icon that should be visible somewhere amongst the others!
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The copy command does not change the layer of the object.
One method is to
Select the object Select the layer drop down menu Select the layer you wish to put the object on Deselect the object
If you have an object on the target layer you can also use the match properties command.
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On Mon, 29 Dec 2008 13:05:42 -0800 (PST), trvlnmny je na¹krabao:
When you select offset comand enter L and then select if you wish that your ofseet object is on source or current layer.
For your pourpose: Offset => L => enter => C => enter and then proceed as usual.
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