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Hi there,
I hope anybody here could help me with the problem I'm having
concerning the REGION command. I have a closed contour comprised of
Lines, Arcs, Polylines and a 2D Polyline (see the attached dwg).
Running the REGION command on the contour results in the error:
"Open Objects must be coplanar."
Which suggests not all objects are in the same plane.
Analyzing the entities however, shows there are no Z-values at all and
the BOUNDARY command works just fine.
Googling and looking on ADN for this issue yielded no helpful
What's really strange is that converting all Lines to Polylines solves
the issue. (Unfortunately, this is not a solution for me as I am
developing an automated process which cannot go around converting
other peoples entities.)
I have further isolated the problem to the lines composing the
'indentation' of the contour. I can however not find anything special
about those Lines...
Has anybody had similar experiences with REGION?
Can anybody reproduce the problem with the attached drawing?
Is there anything 'wrong' with the entities composing the contour?
In other words.. HELP! :)
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Wouter van der Horst
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