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Hi, I have a swag of hatch patterns that are in folders under Autocad, they are pathed correctly. I went to use one just now and realised that I could not see a thumbnail of them when clicking on either "user defined" or "custom". I only placed them there a week ago but I did have them in the same manner years ago, the thumbs were available then but I do recall that there was a 'process' to make this so. (beam me up scotty.) I have searched through the help files relating to Hatch but found nothing that will allow me to "load" them, if that is the correct grammar for it.



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I think that I may have experience a similar problem some time ago when I first started using AutoCAD 2005 under WinXP Pro.

I had stuck the pattern file in the same place that I did with earlier releases, in the \Support directory of AutoCAD if I recall correctly.

It turned out that that's not where AutoCAD 2005 (or WinXP ?) wants it.

I came to this newsgroup and a kind soul provided me with the following as to where it should go:

\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data \Autodesk\AutoCAD2005\R16.01\enu\Support\acad.pat.

I hope that relates to your query.

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