Say what ??? "MIssing parameter on line 3702" hatch command error

It's been a while since I last used AutoCAD (r 2005) and I was making a
quick sketch while critting a drawing and wanted to use a "texture"
hatch pattern.
After having selected the "Object" to hatch as being a closed polyline
I wanted to preview the hatch but received the "MIssing parameter on
line 3702" message, and no visible hatching.
"Uh oh !" I said to myself. (Actually it was more like "WTF??")
I wondered if perhaps the polyline wasn't closed and that that might
have created problems so I drew a circle and tried to hatch that with
the same pattern - same error message.
I then wondered if perhaps I had neglected to put the enhanced
acad.pat file in all the places that it was supposed to go, way back
when I added the extra hatch patterns.
(ie It used to be with older versions the acad.pat file would simply be
placed in the
\autocad\support directory but with this r 2005 , I have vague memories
of having to put it in some obscure (to me) place w-a-a-y outside of
the autocad directory.)
If that were the case, then I would have been screwed because I
couldn't remember where the file was supposed to go.
In any case, I tried hatching with a few other patterns and there was
no problem.
"Whew!" I said to myself. "Okay, so it appears that the acad.pat file
is in the right place."
Then it occurred to me that there maybe should have been other hatch
patterns in the dialogue box after the "texture" pattern, since in they
are displayed alphabetically and surely there would have been patterns
whose names started with "U, V,W Y,Z". Right ?
"Hmmmm..." I said to myself. And that's when I decided that it might
be more expedient to come onto this newsgroup and beg for help.
Does anyone here have a tip or three to aim me in the right direction ?
Thanks in advance.
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Eunoia Eigensinn
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guessing here for the fun of it.
if the error message is any clue at all, it started to find something and did not like what it found. that COULD be a corruption in the file it found first. onward.
so far, so good.
"all the places that it was supposed to go" makes my red alert flash.
yes, but is there only ONE file with that extention? I would want to check that because if there ARE for any reason two .pat files the only one that matters is the one dear old acad finds firstest.
now, I am a cheapskate who has not upgraded past 2000 yet, but if they have not changed the basic way a .pat file is written, it is simply an ASCII text file. I would search my entire hard drive for .pat files and look for embedded text when I search.
this should work unless newer versions of acad have something like a compressed .pat file - like they do with the .mns to .mnc file and the .lsp to .ls formats.....
that I would not be privy to. ( see: "cheapskate who has not upgraded past 2000")
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