Missing pens

Has anyone run into this problem of missing pens in the plotter menu?
We sometime recieve dwgs from consultants and when we want to print these,
we notice our pens listed in the plot style table are missing. I checked the
[OPTIONS] and all file paths are intact.
any help on that would be appreciated
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Is it the same cbt file being used (I think it's called cbt, anyway!)? By that I mean the plot file containing the pen/colour numbers, etc.
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Brian Salt
I guess I would approach it a little more directly. As part of the delieverables from the consultant, or from the guy you would be getting your dwg from I would specify that all supporting files, incluyding xref, plt, pat, pen tables, etc be transmitted with the drawings. That a read me file be sent with the disk or some how with the drawing that listed all of the plotting information, and drawing information. This is more important when you are not working with an agency with an established standards document.
Remember though shall attempt communicaiton with all persons who can mess up your work. Hopefully the communicaiton will prevent a bigger mess than what is already there.
regards, Bill Carty
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Bill Carty

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