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The whole conversation began with the following statement:

Why is AutoDesk providing its software to Communist China?

AutoDesk develops software used to design and draft machine parts for tanks, cannons, missle systems, and nuclear submarines. Just ordinary everyday industrial military complex 'products' that make for a healthy economy right?

Why are AutoDesk customers not outraged that AutoDesk is providing its software to a Communist nation controlled by military dictators that have clearly stated repeatedly their intentions to attack and destroy America? Why does the US government allow this?

Is the lame argument about new market opportunities sufficient to explain away the fact that AutoDesk is providing declared enemies of the US with software that is being used to build a military industrial complex?

Why did over 50,000 Americans sacrifice their lives in Korea and Viet Nam? Apparently so American corporations like AutoDesk can be 'free' to provide software to our nation's enemies.

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Buddha Boy
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Hmmmm?? Are American companies allowed to sell their products to Cuba? I think not......

Why the double standard? Could it be the largest market in the world? The bottom line will always win over the 'front lines'. Ask Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's,....Cuba is the exception because of a 40 year old political white elephant. I do not remember Nixon walking in Revolution Square with Castro......why? American companies will always follow the money......follow the money......follow the money......follow the money.....small poor island, no money, no future. Four Billion Chinese screaming for Britney Spears CD's and Ipod's, there is a future there........Follow the money.......Follow the money......

As far as Autodesk, the last time I checked, Autocad has never designed anything. It is software, a way to get from point 'A' to point 'B'. I think that engineers, Chinese engineers, take care of the design and implementation (with help from their spy network and US technology stolen from Los Alamos). Does a free trade policy with China suck? Yes, morally it is deplorable. But when did that ever get in the way of making a buck? If you disagree with Autodesk policies then don't buy their products. But remember this.....They don't need you....They have China, Russia, Canada, Europe.......

Why is it that an otherwise clear thinking American thinks that patriotism is a consideration in a corporate board room? The day that the American Revolution ended, who was our largest trading partner? Great Britain. This is not a new concept!!

Technically, we are still at war with China and North Korea (through the UN, I have to laugh everytime I think about the UN....What a waste of resources. Again a 60 year old white elephant). Does it really matter? Not today maybe.....but soon. China will eventually have to be dealt with and it is going to take more than limiting trade........soon my children....soon.....

Stop being so naive.....Follow the money......Follow the money......Follow the money........


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Je Mon, 9 Aug 2004 00:58:04 -0700, "Buddha Boy" skribis:

I agree, it's not the software, it's the intention to use it.

But another thing: How many legit copies of AutoCAD do you think have been purchased in mainland China? I have a friend who used to travel to China on business, and just for the heck of it, brought back a few CD-ROM's of pirated software, just to see what is available and at what quality. (The AutoCAD 97 CD had a virus on it. My buddy doesn't use AutoCAD and hasn't used any of the software he bought, he just a collector.)

Another point: AutoCAD is not the only CAD software in the world. There is good software made by other companies, not just in the USA. There's probably a few decent CAD programs written in China.

Finally: I don't think the Chinese government, unlike Soviet Communism and Nazi Germany, has ever announced that it wants to take over the world. And their system is no longer wholly communist. Large sectors of the economy are privatized. The threat to the USA that China represents for the next generation is not military, but economic. They have the fastest growing economy in the world.

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And they need more oil.

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Steven M (remove dirt and invalid to reply)

You make part of the point for me. Not only did the U.S. murder tens of thousands of women, children, and elderly non-combatants because they were losing the war with the Japanese this nation has become a nation of filthy pigs that then went on to maim and kill their own soldiers in Viet Nam using Agent Orange and then tried to deny they used 'chemical weapons.'

I don't think any nation should be developing this stuff used in warfare and the U.S. certainly does not deserve the right to make itself the only purveyor of such weapons when it has been our own government that has used such weapons again and again and is still doing so in Iraq and has been for the last 10 years.

Its no wonder al-Qaida and everybody wants to destroy America as we the general public really have no clue what our government has been doing in our name and we sure as hell don't need no help from their corporate business partners who should be focused on building America's strength rather than burning the candle at both ends the way AutoDesk and other corporate traitors are doing.

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You are so far into this conspiracy theory of yours that you are beginning to sound like a zealot of the eras past where narrow mind folks caused the deaths of innocent people. To even say things like, "Just ask yourself if you want to see your mother's flesh burned off her body -- as you take your last breath yourself.." is pandering to the propaganda that only the insane would consider. There maybe in fact a "faction" of china that wants to destroy America. There is a faction of the Arab nation called al-Qaida who also seek to destroy the US. Did corporations develop their goods with the mindset that even though the software is the mainstay of the engineering world, it really is intended to help these factions divide and conquer great nations? Hardly. Are the treasonous for selling to third world countries? Hardly. We are talking about AutoDesk. The manufacturer of a DRAFTING program. I have been using this product since release 10. I have yet to see and hidden messages in the program tell me to wake up and become a traitor and destroy anything or anyone.

Ok so fricking what? You were a marine. Because OUR war machine turned you into a "killing machine", you now have this great insight into the ideas and business strategies of AutoDesk and other so called "corporate traitors"? You said in your reply that AutoDesk is, "assisting the CCM to design and develop weapons of mass destruction". Hmmm NOT!

I will repeat my opinion for those you will listen. AutoDesk is a corporation trying to do nothing more than make money. The us is a capitalist nation. The Constitution bears that out. The narrow minded, War mongering Mr. ClintonG expresses against AutoDesk and the so called "corporate traitors" is nothing more that the funneled views of a militant separatists found in the hill of Montana. To even consider a major corporation that makes a drafting software helping any country develop their weapons is absolutely bordering on a communistic view which is NOT necessarily unlawful, but in no way patriotic and true to the code which he claims he took. AutoDesk is not the enemy. ClintonG is. He has the same extreme theories as those that have struck the Twin Towers. My Father served in Korea so Mr. Clinton G can speak his mind, so AutoDesk can developed a great product and sell it internationally, so we can buy a can of Pepsi in mainland china, where I was born. Sorry Mr. Clinton G. Your efforts to turn anyone away from AutoDesk and China has fallen on deaf ears. So go lock yourself up on Ruby Ridge and watch out Mr. Clinton G. AutoDesk has created a slant eyed monster armed with intelligence and he is coming for you.

Get a life, go up to the mountains, breath some fresh air, take that joint out of your mouth and begin to see that not everyone is out to get us. I have wasted far to much time on this.

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Buddha Boy

That 'faction' you fraudulently refer to controls approximately 1.3 billion people at the point of a gun and they are pointing the same guns at America. There's no way you can lie your way out of that as it is true and factual.

America -- the world in fact -- made the same mistake during WWII as we are all making right now. It was 'business as usual' while the militant Japanese government created bombs from the steel America sold to them. The 'bushito banditos' used those bombs in an attempt to destroy America. Look how that mess turned out.

This double-minded behavior need not be repeated. We do have the same problem repeating itself though and AutoDesk is no different than U.S. Steel was during the WWII era. The arms race and every company involved in it wants to make a buck.

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Je Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:06:33 -0500, "clintonG" skribis:

Whatever business AutoDesk does in China is a drop in the bucket. Yes, it might have more strategic value than other exports. If they're bound to take over the world, they don't need help from AutoCAD, there are alternatives.

Besides, if you really think China is a threat, then there's a much bigger component of that threat. More than just sending copies of AutoCAD, we (Americans) are sending the Chinese vast amounts of our MONEY. They are using it to develop their own industrial capability, including military, I suppose.

Instead of singling out AutoDesk, why don't you expand your efforts to telling everybody how evil China is and how we shouldn't buy anything from them?

It ain't gonna happen unless and until the Chinese ever go to war. Based on past history (not words) I don't think it's going to happen.

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Steven M (remove dirt and invalid to reply)

There is no lie to get out of. Your train of though would conclude that any day now China is going to drop boxes of AutoCAD on our heads. Seriously though, Autodesk is nothing in the grand Scheme of things. It is merely a software package that Autodesk has the right to sell to whomever they please. You don't like who they sell to? Then don't support them. Stop posting on a thread specificly to help those who do not believe these hateful, rantings of people like you who think "everyone" is out to get us. We Americans fully understand there are those who wish to do us harm as a nation. No matter what you tell me or this group, we will not give in to your scare tactics and ravings. If you are dead set on the illussion that China wants to conquer the US and AutoDesk is pandering to that end, then please do us all a favor and stop buying their product in protest. Stop buying anything made in China. Do you own all American Made products? Oh my God, you are a wicked person. You are funding the China Movement to destroy the US because you bought a toaster that has parts in it from china. And that Car you're driving EVERY day is another source of funds that China is getting from YOU! You communist pig. How Dare you pander to those that would rise up and defeat us. Starting to get the picture? Autodesk is nothing, I repeat nothing to China. Get off your high horse.

Now give me more of your propoganda and scare tactics. They are getting to the point that they are funny. Just keep this in mind, when you leave for work in the morning, make sure you keep an eye to the skies...boxes are coming and they hurt like heck!


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Buddha Boy

I'm with Brian..I'll be outside...


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Buddha Boy

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