Newbie Q: Making and using simple template.

Hi, I recently started an AutoCAD evening class. 3 hours per week isn't a
lot of time, so I've been trying to make the most of it by producing a
template based on my understanding of graphics packages in general.
This may be a mistake, because things aren't working out too well at
We're doing a series of exercises using a wide variety of Snap, Grid and
Limits settings. Each new drawing has been started afresh by the method:
File>New>Quick Setup> Units: Decimal> Area: to suit the individual
exercise. The Snap & Grid have then been set as per the instructions for
the drawing.
Being a little slow I decided that I didn't want to start afresh each time
but use objects and layers from previous drawings. So, each time I've dona
a drawing I've added some of it to a developing template.
Trouble is, now I come to use the template It doesn't seem to respond to
new Limits, Snap & Grid settings. I imagined that I'd be able to completely
overwrite the settings from the previous drawing by putting in new ones but
having put in these new settings, the resulting work area is in no way the
same as if I started a new file and put in the required settings from
Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to clear a file's settings
completely and put in new ones as though it was a completely new drawing?
The instructor is using methods that require laborious repeating of setup
processes on the basis that frequent repetition will drill the procedure
into our memories. Unfortunately I just can't keep up by this method, hence
the template idea.
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Arty Flinders
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Use command LIMITS to reset drawing area.
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Lev Milchin
These settings are stored in the drawing and should act accordingly. Frankly, most of the settings most books go through are irrelevant during drawing production.
You cannot 'clear' these settings. The GRID is either on or off. The LIMITS have coordinate values, whether you are using them or not, even if your drawing is well outside of them.
What exzctly do you mean by "it doesn't seem to respond to new Limits, Snap & Grid settings? Do you mean the settings are not changing? They're not showing up when start a new drawing using one of your templates?
(My suspicion would be that you are not using the template you think you are, or you haven't made the changes/saved them in the template.)
AutoCad has it's share of oddities, but not with any of these items.
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I tried a new template after reading what you wrote and this new one responds to the settings changes, so it seems that you are right. Thanks a lot. Regards,
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Arty Flinders
You're quite welcome.
FWIW: I've found that about 98% of my problems with Acad are my own 'dumb' mistakes. It generally operates exactly as it is supposed to. The 2% can sometimes be a reall nut-buster, but thankfully they're not too common.
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