Changing defautt template/DWG

High school drafting teacher needs help.
I would like to replace the startup default template drawing to one of my
I could do it with 13,14 but I can not with 2002. How do I do this? Also,
I would like to have the same tool bars displayed upon startup of AutoCAD
2002. I had seen a demonstration on an older version but can not remember
the process.
Thanks for you help.
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In option you can change your default template by choosing the tab files and in the list you'll see "Drawing Template Settings".
For your toolbars if you finish setting your toolbars go to option sellect tab profiles press button "rename" and give the profile a new name. And if you want to use this profile in other systems you have to export the profile, by exporting the profile you'll create a .arg file and this file can be imported in other systems.
To start with this profile you have to rightclick autocad icon on the desktop and sellect preferences, In target line you have to type the following "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2002\acad.exe /p name" (name is the name of your profile)
Goodluck, EA.
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Ed is correct. But you also need to add a switch in your target line where you specify the profile to use. You need to add the /t switch and add your template name. Example... ...acad.exe" /t "student" /p "profile" And whala. That should solve your problems. Good Luck -- Darek D. Watson CAD Manager
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Darek D. Watson
"MGH" wrote in news:3f862326$0$71582$
in 2002 i create a base drawing with all the wanted tools bars, then save it as a DWT (template) file with an appropriate name. The next time i start a new dwg, i just use the newly created template and everything is there. hope this helps, if so let me know
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