Newbie snapping to construction line question.

Please excuse my newbie ignorance, I've only done 5 classes of a 12 class
course and the exercises have been simple 2D engineering drawings so far.
The course has now reached the stage where we can introduce our own work
and I want to do a plan of a slab paved patio.
For practical purposes I may be barking up the wrong tree here but my
question is:
If I draw a grid of construction lines with a lineweight that represents
the width of the mortar joints between the slabs, can I then snap to the
outer edges of the intersections of these grid lines to draw the
intervening slabs, rather than snapping to the center of the gridlines?
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Arty Flinders
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HiHo; YES. Look a the "osnap settings"
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No. If you have drawn your lines representing the mortar joints with a lineweight, you will always snap to the center of that line, not the edge. Realize that the mortar joint has a width, and draw 2 lines to represent both edges of the joint. That way you can snap the way you want to. OTOH, if all you are conserned about is the appearance, the lineweight should hide the fact that the edge of slab intrudes into the mortar space. But for accuracy sake, follow the first advice above. Being a newbie, it would be good practice for you to learn to draw each edge of each object, not just try to assign a lineweight to represent a physical object. Steve
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Steve W
Thanks guys. Using what you've written, I'll be able to solve the problem now. Regards,
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Arty Flinders
you could hatch the area with a user hatch patern of the right size for your slabs.
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Terry Rawkins
If it's an orthogonal shape, I'd draw a paver as a POLYLINE and use the ARRAY command. If there a million of them, I'd make the paver a BLOCK, made of a POLYLINE. I'd explode the ones needing trimming, and trim them to an edge. If they are not orthogonal, I'd draw them, arrange a tiling cluster, and use COPY>MULTIPLE.
I remember Hatch being pretty frustrating at first. Now I do custom hatches all the time because they are easy to revise, but I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner worried about joint widths.....
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Michael Bulatovich

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