Printing to a HP Design Jet from a Mac

We have a HP DesignJET500 at work, and would like to print from Macs. HP
says that the printer does not support macs however there may be conversion
software (Rips) available. It has something to do with converting from Post
Script (Mac??) to PCL (HP printers).
Has anyone come across this problem? If so did you manage to find a
Thank you
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Tim Owen
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Does this HP DJ dispose of possibility of Network? If not, it might be difficult. But you can look for a HP JetDirect-Card, then yor Mac will talk with your Plotter.
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Johannes Dressel
the HP DJ500 is the cheapie version of HPs DJ series and thus doesn't support the HP-GL/2 plotter language by default and which is needed (instead of dumb PCL) for using third party rips/drivers which can output to this industry standard only.
for example MacPlot Classic (for OS9):
formatting link
X-RIP (for OS X):
formatting link

not for free, of course (it's a Mac ;-) N.
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Norbert Grund

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