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I´m using ADT and have the following problem:
I have a wall that has two kind of wall styles on top of each other (lower
concrete and upper lighter structure). When I insert a window or a door into
the wall it "sinks" only into the other wall style, the other is not edited.
The result is that the window or the door doesn´t show in the other wall
style (in 3D).
Is there a way to do this so that adding a door will affect on both wall
ps. English is not my native language in case the question is difficult to
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Pekka P
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My response is based upon the assumption that you question is about 2 different wall styles side by side, not one above the other. The long answer is to have you create a single wall style that incorporates all the features of the 2 different styles. Now the short answer - insert an opening in the "other" wall the same size as the window or door. This work around will not work if you are need to place the door and/or window in the center of or between the walls.
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S. Scalise

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