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What is the time frame on this? What CAD program do you prefer? If the person you select to do this doesn't produce what you want do you have a process for selecting secondary designers? Obviously you have a contract we would have to sign for assigning of intellectual property. Can we see the contracts before we commit ourselves? There's a lot of detail on this object. How detailed do we need to get? It may be neccessary to obtain one of these for physical measuring. I imagine they can only be found at antique shops. Will you have a problem over reimbursement of costs?


I'm seeking budget quotes to deliver a 3D model similar to the item in the > attached image. (Refer > > The model is to be exported as a *.stl file for input to a SLA machine to > produce a sacrificial pattern for investment casting for a *potential* > product. > > The Designer will deliver all model files and assign all intellectual > property to the Owner (me). > > A lump sum/programme plus hourly rates are sought as some > variation/development of the model will be required. > > I'm based in Sydney, Australia but will work with anyone anywhere. > > > Kind Regards, > > Clint Tevlin > > > > >
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