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> > I need to import FEMA flood maps into autocad. I found a website that > will let me download DLG & ArcInfo formats only. Importing the .e00 file > is not a problem, but how do I get it georeferenced to the right scale > and location? > > Scott > > P.S. currently running Land Desktop 3 w/ civil/survey packages and > raster design.

You need to know what projection/coordinate system the e00 file was created from, and what your project's projection/coordinate system are. If you know that:

  1. Create a drawing and set the coordinate system to match the e00.
  2. Import the e00, save and close that drawing.
  3. Open your project drawing.
  4. Attach (Map command) the e00 import drawing.
  5. Import the e00 using a Map Query.
  6. The FEMA info should be where it belongs.

The coordinate system/projection info is KEY here!! If these aren't set properly, you'll get all sorts of unexpected placement.

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What site has the flood maps?



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Tim Arheit

Check with the major universities in your state, Tim. Many have a nice collection of GIS data available free or low cost.

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