*.MAP and *.LOC file formats??


I am developing a product prototype using a TERN development board based on a 586 processor and using Paradigm C compiler. When I compile and build my program it generates a few files specifically *.HEX ,

*.ROM , *.MAP , *.LOC. I have information regarding hex and rom files but I could not find satisfactory info on the other two and would be glad if any of you could help me understand me the significance of these files and how to read/interpret them.

Also if any of few could help me about

  1. Relocating (downloading) HEX files at any desired location in the EEROM of the controller.
  2. How does the downloading program writes code (.hex file) to Flash(EEROM)
  3. Where is the program for downloading the code from PC stored internally in the controller?
  4. Where is the starting up software (bootloader perhaps) of the controller stored internally in the controller?

Please reply ASAP Regards


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This would be a good question to ask on comp.arch.embedded, if you can be patient with the current sporg flood.

Your numbered questions are all board specific.

*.map files are pretty common -- they tell you where your variables and functions reside in real memory, and they're usually pretty obvious if you look at them with a text editor. I don't know what a *.loc file is, but if the linker and locator are split in your tool set, the *.map file is probably the output of the linker and has relative addresses, while the *.loc file tells where the locator actually put things (or the *.loc file is a command file to tell the locator where to put things).
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Tim Wescott

Thank you Tim,

Yes the software I am using has a separate linker and locator programs and loc file is generated after locator program is run. Also I have posted the questions at comp.arch.embedded group. Thanx for your guidance.

Regards Fskhan

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