Re: Freeze layer in viewport via Lisp?

This is a lisp to disable display layer in a viewport.
Ken Luk
begin 666 LFV.LSP M*&1E9G5N($,Z3$96("@O($$@0BD-"B @*&UE;G5C;60@(E,]3U-.05!"(BDH M<V5T<2 -"B @("!!("AE;G1S96P@(EQN4&EC:R!A;B!O8FIE8W0@#0IO;B!T M:&4@;&%Y97(@=&\@8F4@9G)E97IE(BD-"B @("!"("AC9'(@*&%S<V]C("<X M("AE;G1G970@#0H@(" @(" H8V%R($$I*2DI#0H@(" @3$Q35" H8V]N<R!" M($Q,4U0I#0H@("D-"B @*&-O;6UA;F0@(E903$%915(B(")&(B!"("(B("(B &*0T**0T* ` end
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Ken Luk
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(command "_.vplayer" ...) ___
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Paul Turvill
True, because that's the wrong command. Use VPLAYER.
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Thanks for the routine. I have a similar one for conventional layer freeze and it has a slight modification to enable selection of "nested" entities such as xrefs. Change 'entsel' to 'nentsel'. Thats it!!! I've revised your routine, and it works!!
Enjoy again!
Dean Barkley
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