Viewport bar in auto desktop 2004

I just started using desktop 2004, have had a hard time finding some of
the old icons and commands from desktop 3.3. for example when I was use
to using the viewport toolbar in paper space for setting a viewport to
scale or creating a new viewport, now in desktop 2004, i cant find this
toolbar, so please help me find this thing
Thank you
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View.....toolbars......customize......tick the 'viewports' box.....
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I know this method works in version 3.3 and others, but I tried it on 2004 and no luck, but thanks anyways
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Architectural Desktop excluded the viewport tool bar starting with 2004. All references to viewport in help menu will refer you to VIZ Render. You will have to create your own viewport toolbar but you will not have the scale window. However, the scale can be set in the property dialog box. The toolbar still exist in the Standard Acad files of ADT and, if you are brave, you can attempt to load it into ADT.
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S. Scalise

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