Strange Observation!

I observed my boss attempting to do Autocad the last few days.

I have created a drawing using 11 XREF's which had all the layers, colors, linetypes and etc set correctly that when I plot the drawing everything comes out looking the way it should.

My boss decided to use another drawing as the base drawing using the same XREF's, all the XREF's are stored in the one and same folder in an XREF Directory.

When he plotted the drawing the settings for the XREF's - layers on & off changed.

Whats weird is he blames me for this, he says I changed the settings on him.

The settings for the original drawing were done in paper space thru the model space window using the layer manager. (I hope I described that correctly)

IIRC setting the layers on & off this way are only valid for the current drawing even though we both used the same XREF's.

This is done as we need to show different configurations for the type of work we do.

Am I having a senior moment or what?

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Ed Harley
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Ed, a newbie here so take all with a grain of salt. ;-)

Not sure you give enough info as you don't mention the ver. but since it's in the 2008 newsgroup I'll assume it is 2008 - for both machines.


formatting link

- the readme file for SP1. It tells of things "fixed" so you can search it for XREF or layer and possibly get a hint.

Have either or both machines had SP1 added? If one has and the other has not that might be your problem.

I'd really suspect your answer to lurk in the first statement in the third paragraph, "My boss decided to use another drawing as the base drawing ...."

Could his settings in that other drawing have something to do with it?


Ed Harley wrote:

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Al Patrick

Ed, Why not try this? I just found the idea in "AutoCAD secrets every user should know" which I was able to search on

"... You can protect a drawing that will be used as an external reference (XRef) from being edited with REFEDIT by setting the variable XEDIT to 0 before saving the intended XRef." p.10

You could resave the correct ones with that variable set and let the boss access them again. Perhaps then he'd be able even to insert them into his new drawing without them changing.

Again, a newbie here!


Ed Harley wrote:

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Al Patrick

I agree. First compare the value of VISRETAIN in both files.

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Michael Bulatovich

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