Sum of lengths

Is there any way to select several lines on a drawing and have autocad list
the sum of their lengths?
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Mike Harrison
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Paul has a good freebie on his site. Go here and download tlen.lsp:
formatting link
It does circles, arcs, polylines as well as lines.
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Peter Ruehle
Here... have fun..
(defun c:develop (/ iter devel $a total data1 stpt endpt distl strad endrad distr ) (setvar "osmode" 0) (setq $a nil iter 0 devel 0.0 stpt nil endpt nil strad 0.0 endrad 0.0 rad 0.0 distl 0.0 distr 0.0 total 0.0 devel 0.0 ) (setq $a (ssget)) (setq total (sslength $a)) (while (< 0 total) (progn (setq data1 (cdr (entget (ssname $a iter)))) (cond ((= (cdr (assoc 0 data1)) "LINE") (Progn (setq stpt (cdr (assoc 10 data1)) endpt (cdr (assoc 11 data1)) ) (setq distl (abs (distance stpt endpt))) (setq devel (+ devel distl)) ) ;_END PROGN ) ;_END COND1 ((= (cdr (assoc 0 data1)) "ARC") (Progn (setq strad (cdr (assoc 50 data1)) endrad (cdr (assoc 51 data1)) rad (cdr (assoc 40 data1)) ) (cond ((> endrad strad) (setq distr (* rad (- endrad strad))) ) ((setq distr (* rad (+ endrad (- (* 2 pi) strad)))) ) (t nil) ) ;_end COND (setq devel (+ devel distr)) ) ;_END PROGN ) ;_END COND2 (T nil) ) ;_END COND (setq iter (+ 1 iter)) (setq total (- total 1)) ) ;_END PROGN ) ;_END WHILE (alert (strcat "Longueur totale : " (rtos devel) " unités")) (setq $a nil) (setvar "osmode" 183) ) ;_end DEFUN DEVELOP
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Dr Fleau

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