WANTED: TurboCAD 3D training manuals

I have TurboCAD 2D/3D version 8 and I'm trying to draw some simple 3D stuff.
I can draw 2D stuff farily well but need some help getting started with 3D.
Does anyone have some old TurboCAD training manuals?
Any other online tutorials etc?
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go here:
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and find "Turbocad user forums" on that page. They will help you out. It sounds to me like you have Turbocad Designer. I have been a Turbocad Pro user for about six years but I have never worked with designer. The people in the forum will help you out, though.
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also on this web site is a totally free tcad (3d?) w/pdf manual/s but you really have to look for it/them. mostly they spoof you to pages that offer to sell or try current versions.
they may have some pdf manuals for current stuff that could be helpful.
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Loren Coe
The free version doesn't carry the ACIS support. It is basically the old 19.99 2D TurboCAD from years ago.
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regards, Ben
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