What's the real difference....

between Autocad 2007 and INTELLICAD

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peter govaere
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Intellicad is closer to LT than full-blown AutoCad.

Intellicad costs half the price of LT and only about 1/8 the price of AutoCad.

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Bob Morrison

No, that is incorrect.

Intellicad (sold as BricsCAD, Cadopia, etc) is as full featured as the full version of AutoCAD 14. It has some compatibility with most of the add-on languages, and a new release due out soon will make its VBA compatable (the earlier VBA wasn't really compatible). If you get the Pro version of IntelliCAD, it includes ACIS solid modeling.

So, the main difference concerns the types of entities which IntelliCAD supports. They only allow creating and editing up to Acad version 14 objects. IntelliCAD will open more recent versions, but things like Tables are preserved only as proxy objects. If the person who saved the original Acad file has enabled the option to save proxy graphics, perhaps then they will display, but can not be edited in Intellicad.

Joe Dunfee

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