Where can I find royalty free wblocks?

Anyone know where I can find a detailed plan of a wheelie bin for use in autocad? or any good resources for Wblocks, Royalty free though

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What's a "wheelie bin"?

WBLOCK is an AutoCAD command. What you're looking for are 'block libraries' or drawing files that may be used as blocks. Have you tried searching the Internet with something like Google? You should find several thousand such offerings in your first few minutes. ___

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Paul Turvill

Paul and anyone else who cares (?) - "wheelie bins" are, in Britain, the latest in domestic waste disposal containers (hah!). A plastic tub (60 litres capacity), hinged lid and

2 small wheels. They are lifted and tipped into the back of a lorry-mounted compactor. Great stuff.

John B

johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.

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: > John B : >

: > johnbogie btinternet.com : > Put the "at" in the gap. : :

Well I came back to Britain in November 99 and they already had the "Wheelie Bins" then. I'll have to ask my Mother tomorrow (oops today later on) how long she has had hers.

As to the block, I thought the whole reason for using AutoCAD was to draw. Draw a wheelie bin on layer 0 in model space (of course) where 1 unit = 1 mm. Use the MBlock or Make Block command setting the convert to block check box to convert to block, save the drawing and voila you can use the block in any drawing. Well that's how I would do it in 2002.

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Have you tried contacting Sulo? They are one of the manufacturers of the bins. Just say you are designing some lifting equipment and this would assist.

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Ian A. White

Does that mean they stall in the damp? ; P

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Michael Bulatovich

Curb side garbage can!


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