Where is HECRun?

I'm trying to set-up our Hydrology guy in the office with a new
computer and I can't seem to get the copy of his HECRun (doesn't have
like a set-up or anything, I just copied the folder). i went to the
companies web-site
formatting link
and I was able to download it, I typed
in my info but then it went blank. Tried to call them, but that didn't
get me anywhere (not a very user friendly message), and then I tried to
e-mail them at both of the addresses I could find and they both got
bounced back to me. From the looks of it, i don't think this company
still takes care of this web-site.......From what I understand it is a
freeware program, Sooooooooooo would anybody happen to have a setup
disk/file they could e-mail me? I believe it is like 3 meg according to
the website.
Thanks for your help,
Nick :)
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Try running the install in compatibility mode for win 95 or NT 4.0. Program, according to website, was written for those operating systems and install/setup may be getting confused by the more complex nature of the XP operating system, or the much larger disk sizes of current computers.
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