Windows: Trapped at 2 GB

If the motherboard allows, a PC can have 4 GB max. (Excepting some Xeon
server boards and 64bit hardware). Windows XP/2000 can see 4GB max. 2GB is
given to the OS and 2GB is given to the apps. On the typical workstation,
the OS is rarely using over 100MB, so installing more than 2GB for the
applications is pointless since none of it over 2GB is utilized.
Microsoft gave us the /3GB switch (XP) that gives 3GB to apps and 1GB to the
OS. MS states the app must be written to take advantage of this and there
may be other issues when using the /3GB switch.
My research concerning AutoCAD 2004 or higher, if it can utilize more than
2GB is inconclusive. Anyone with 4GB in their box try this?
The problem is that we have huge 3D models and are pushing up against the
2GB limit.
Thanks, -S
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