Bradley helve hammer parts

Hey all,
I just had the good fortune of buying a #200 Bradley hammer.
Included in the deal was about 1/2 a ton of NEW replacement parts. More
parts than I can imagine using up in my lifetime! Any owners out there
searching for rubber bushings, crank and clutch parts even die sets
should give me a buzz and i will see if I can be of help. I still have
not inventoried all i have but i will very soon. I think there are some
parts for a #300 hammer as well. I know I have one new wooden beam that
fits a larger Bradley. Be in touch before I let Bruce Wallace have all
the parts.
Glen Gardner, in Pgh.
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Hi Group, Any Bradley owners out there? I just acquired a 200# late model helve hammer. I got about a 1/2 ton of NEW spare parts as well with some duplicates. I will be making these parts available at reasonable prices as soon as I inventory them. It seems some of the parts are for a 300# Bradley. The defunct spring where I found it had both at one time.
Glen Gardner, in Pgh.
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