Calling all blade/blacksmiths!!

We need your help. We at Primal Fires

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are compiling a collective list of all bladesmiths and blacksmiths all over the world. The desire is to have a simple reference map of people interested in the arts of blacksmithing and bladesmithing, accessible to all. With this map the smiting community can be more closely knit. I know it helped me when trying to find a smith near me. Please send an e-mail to

Containing Name, City, State, Email (optional)

With "Smith Project" in the subject.

I am posting this on the following forums.

Primal Fires, The Outpost on CKD, Tai's Crucible forums,,,

If you know of another please e-mail me with the address. Also if you know anyone else that does not participate online but is a smith please e-mail their address also.(with there permission)

Thanks, David Kurin

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David Kurin
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boy, you like to make it real easy for spammers don't ya?

When I email someone I don't know I always ask them please do NOT put my email address (the real one, not the disguised one I post to newsgroups with) to any Web site or chat group or "forums" whatever.

Grant Erw> We need your help. We at Primal Fires

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Grant Erwin

We are taking measures to make sure your e-mail addys are blocked from web crawlers. If you were talking about my hotmail address I don't care that much. I am only keeping that open for a few months and I have ways of dealing with spammers. ;) David

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David Kurin

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