Coal prices survey

Not interested in names or locations. Just a the typical purchase price of
coal, and how much you had delivered. Example. 1 ton for 50 bucks delivered.
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The Great Plains Blacksmith Association here in Kansas gets Arkansas coal and the members pay $95 a ton. It's delivered to a single location and individuals pick up their own coal. Rob
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Rob Fertner
In the middle of the Yorkshire (UK) coalfields: 6ukp[1] (9US$?) per cwt(50kgs=110lbs) delivered.
Thats metric tonnes = 2200lbs. Are American lbs different to English?
Coke is ukp8 per cwt (110lbs=50kgs) delivered,
"Smiths breeze" is ukp10/cwt
[1]=GBP =pounds sterling =UK currency
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Big Egg
To my knowledge they're the same, handed down to us (or should I say US?) when we so rudely broke away 230 years ago -- 450 gram/lb?
One day I should find out what they tell little English kiddies about the American Revolution. They sure tell different stories of the American Civil War (er -- War Between the States) in Massachusetts and Georgia.
But that's a subject for a different group.
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Tim Wescott
They even tell the beginning of the revolution different here in Massachusetts versus how they tell it in upstate New York. Upstate NY had the first military action and British casualty, but no shots were fired. The first _shots_ were fired much later in Massachusetts. I'm from MA and had no idea about the NY stuff until I started dating a woman who'd grown up there.
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Carl West
Greetings all,
I don't know if this will fit your "survey", but I purchased 50 lbs. of coal for $5US recently which is way more than I needed as I still have half of a bag left.
My 2 cents are in now, back to lurking, Jim C Roberts
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Jim C Roberts
That's about what I pay here in Upland Ca $5 for 50lbs
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Rick Fremming
Thanks for the responses. US coal is the cheapest energy available at retail prices, unless you have access to free firewood.
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Fill my own pickup: $14/100# Option 1 - Local bagged: $10/50# Option 2 - Local bagged: $8/50# Hardwood Charcoal: $14/20#
Dan Crowther Gobae - The Smith
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Near enough. It's the pints that are different then. Useful to consider when comparing liquid fuel prices (US gallons !=UK gallons) or working out how much you've drunk.
I don't think we study Merkin history at school (college/university perhaps) - more industrial revolution and British Empire(India/Africa) expansion. We don't talk about the ones we lost :.)
"Damned Colonials, dashed uncivilised, what? More tea vicar?"
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Big Egg
I got this from another smith:
IN THE BEGINNING was created the Imperial Ton = 2240 pounds (lbs.) = 20 Hundredweight (cwt) i.e. 1 cwt = 112 lbs.
AND YEA, when the Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth Rock, they said
VERILY: One Hundredweight should be one hundred pounds and one Ton should be 2000 lbs.
BUT SORELY DISPLEASED were the merchants and traders when they became aware that the colonials were making 10% on the side.
THUS IT CAME TO PASS that the British traders did declare that their galleons would, in future, also use measures of 2000 lbs, and declared that this measure should be named the Short Ton.
MANY MOONS PASSED, and the tribes of Europe did send their high priests to council one with the other, whereupon they begat the EEC (EU).
THE TRIBES OF THE CONTINENT did pour scorn upon the Ton and the Short Ton, and being more in number than the Britons did ordain that all nations should obey The New Commandment: Thou shalt worship the Tonne which equates to 1000 kilograms (kg).
THIS DID SORELY DISPLEASE THE BRITONS, since this new measure did contain 2205 lbs., but it came to pass that more tribes came to join the EEC and the Britons were obliged to pay homage to the Tonne.
THE EEC DID COMMAND that tablets of stone be carved, on which was writ: 1 IMPERIAL TON = 2240 lbs. 1 SHORT TON=1 US TON = 2000 lbs. 1 TONNE = 1000 kg = 2205 lbs.
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Rob Fertner

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