Anyone interested in a simple RF (or Bluetooth) project?

I've got a simple widget that I need designed for me, and I think
BlueTooth is the way I'd like to go.
I need to develop a wireless device that only has one function: a
The unit will be "connected" to a receiver, along with 25 other of
these devices, and used as a buzzer game for kids.
The primary concern is cost.
I'm not stuck on BlueTooth, but the idea for blue tooth was to keep
from having to build a receiver, since USB Blue Tooth dongles are
readily available for under $50 these days.
The other thought was to reproduce the guts of an inexpensive wireless
keyboard, and use its receiver...basically sending a differnt "key" to
the receiver for each button. The problem with the typical 900Mhz
wireless keyboards and mice are transmission lenght...typically around
3 meters; and I need at-least 10 meters, preferrably 15 or more.
I'm interested in finding someone to build these gizmos for me in the
next few months.
Eric Robishaw
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Eric Robishaw
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