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Nothing like a cold bevy after a day at the forge but can anyone tell me where i can buy a BAG of coke in WA...not even sure where to start. Bought my first forge yesterday but the guy just uses charcoal... ?

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Just realised this is international!!!! well, what a not geek. I mean WA Australia ... how embarassing

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I would look for any foundry that casts iron. They will have coke since they use it to melt the cast iron. Most likely it will be in larger chunks than you want, but you can chop it into smaller pieces with a hatchet. Also, if the foundry will let you poke around the pile, the smaller pieces fall to the bottom. I once traded my labor to make a long handled pair of tongs for 200 pounds of what they call "4 X 6" coke. That's the coke that will just fall through a 4" X 6" sieve (or something like that).

As an aside, I keep several of the larger chunks on my forge table to cover my work when it's reheating. It's easier to move one or two large pieces to check the work than to rake a bunch of small pieces out of the way. The large pieces just slowly get smaller as time goes by.

As you probably know, coke burns hotter than charcoal or coal and so, firepots don't last as long. Watering coke is pretty much ineffective and since the water runs right over it, may cause the firepot to crack, Coke fires tend to go out quickly when the blast is turned off.

After saying all that, maybe you meant COAL! If so, I'd google around for the blacksmith associations in your country. Try this search:

+australia +blacksmith

Pete Stanaitis

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I was about to tell you that you can buy Coke syrup in the 5 gallon Bag-in-box at any Sam's Club...

Oh well... :-)


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Neon John

Did a Google search - fire coke western australia

Couple of leads.

Bob AZ

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Bob AZ

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