How to get rid of an extra 50# Little Giant triphammer

Today I got an email from a person who has 50# Little Giant for sale.
He saw the triphammer articles I have on my website at
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He asked "how much is it worth?" and
"How shall I advertise it?"
Here are my answers, for those of you who might be asking the same
questions. ---And for those who might want to add dissenting opinions.
I understand the base price for a totally worn out but rebuildable
hammer such as yours will go for close to $1000. It is easy to put
$1000 or more worth of parts into one when rebuilding it and that
doesn't include any of the labor. It can take 20 to 60 hours to rebuild
one, depending on skill level and tooling available and upon how
complete the "rebuild" will be.
-An "old style" hammer is worth a little more than the "new style".
-If the serial number is 500 or lower it is worth less.
- If it has a good motor with a good motor mount and drive system it
is worth a little more.
-It depends, to some degree on where you live. There aren't as
many hammers laying around in the southwest US and in the northeast,
from what I hear, so, since they are expensive to ship, take that into
If the hammer is a "good runner", it could go for $1500 to about $2200.
I have heard that freshly (and well) rebuilt 50# hammers go for about
$2500 to $3500.
Advertise in larger newspapers or in rural "shopper" papers.
Advertise in the newsletter of ABANA
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or in the
newletters of their affiliates.
You can also contact Sid Suedmeier at Little Giant in Nebraska City,
Ne. to get his opinion. And he does buy them to rebuild
Pete Stanaitis
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