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The Badger Blacksmiths club met at my place (in western WI, USA) two weeks ago and I was the main demonstrator. This email's subject was the topic.

I demonstrated the old style Gade-Marx Treadle hammer, the Little Giant

50# Trip Hammer and the "Poor Man's Hydraulic Press".

----And, of course, a bunch of tooling for each.

It got me thinking. As many of you know, I still make the old "Gade Marx" treadle hammer plans available because It think it is elegant in its simplicity. Anyway, the question for the day:

For you folks who do use treadle hammers, how about telling us:

-which style you have,

-how you use it,

-why you chose the style you did,

-and what would be your advice to folks considering getting one.

Pete Stanaitis


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No treadle hammer yet, but I'm thinking it's a great idea, no horrendous noise, or the bap-bap-bap of a power hammer that would get me shut down.

Regards Charles

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Charles , Keep in mind that the treadle and power hammers are not completely comparable. I'd not use mine for drawing out stock while my power hammer was available. Nor would I use my power hammer for chisel work. I am still learning about my flypress, but it just may be the best of both world for the size and work I am inclined to do. Hydraulics is another option, which again overlaps partially each of the others as to ideal function. They are all approximating a smith and striker, which is probably the most versatile.

None of them are quite the same as one smith, hammer and anvil. So many ways to skin a cat.

If I were you,I'd take a close look at my work and decide which of the options overlaps my needs the best.

Mike Graf

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Posted here by Mike Graf:

Bad news I posted this a couple of other places but the word should go out.

Last night I heard from someone who visited Tom Clark in the hospital on Monday. It doesn't sound good Cancer is back and he is going into hospice. I don't believe it will be at home but cards could be sent to the Ozark School. Google or go the top 50 blacksmith list for the address.

Bad Roger in Minnesota

Roger R Degner

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One of the greats in ABANA died yesterday, Tom Clark. I was at our > blacksmithing meeting and did not find out till I was called today. > You might pass that on to anybody who knew Tom. Tom had been very ill > with cancer, in pain and had had problems similar to a stroke, though > from different causes, and he would never have recovered, so his death > was a mercy on him and his wife, Thelma. >

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