Ken-Tool tire-iron (spoon)

Anybody here fix their own flats? :) Am I the only one crazy or just plain stupid enough to do that? :/

Anyway I was thinking about doing a little black smithing on one of my tire irons. A couple of them are Ken-Tool and spark like 4140 excpt they have a little bit more carbon in them. Hmmm... didn't try it next to 5160 but the stuff has quite a bit of Moly in it anyway.

What do you think of steel like that? Hot short? Or some other funny blacksmithing terms I never heard of before? ;)

They make one that's got a wave to the spoon that I think would be real handy but I wasn't impressed by their design I'd like to modify it and so if I'm going to heat it up and do that, might as well use an extra one I've already got. ;)

Anyway what do you guys think? :)

I'll practice on some other stuff first but what's medium carbon moly steel like to work with, got any cautions or suggestions?

Alvin in AZ

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Hi Alvin, nice to hear from you again, always a pleasure :-)

I used an antique tire iron and made a fantasy piece out of it.

Also with some of the scrap and some black spring washers I made some decent pattern welded billets.

I have a picture somewhere.

Regards Charles

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I believe tire irons were 1060 steel, but that may not be true with the newer ones. I made a boot scraper out of two tire irons and a piece of lawn mower blade. I split the blade on the ends and drew out fingers. I punched two holes in each of the tire irons. I put the fingers through the holes and wraped them around. The socket end of the irons was at the top and were the handles for pushing the boot scraper into the dirt next to the porch.

Rob Wichita, KS

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Rob Fertner

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