smith tools for sale

For Sale in Northern California (SF Bay Area):

1) two anvils: a) 40kg (170lb) Model B34 Kohlswa (clip & upset blocks, round and square horns, pritchell & hardy holes) b) 50 lb. Peterwright - top face perfect

2) 50# trip hammer: circa 1890s Flint and Lomax (Denver CO), electrified from o-head shaft, cone clutch, needs new babbit.

3) two Wally Yader swedge blocks - both styles

4) 5 1/2" leg vise w/matching table

5) rivet forge w/hand-crank blower

6) 3 1/2" legvise and table w/round cut-out to match rivet forge

7) assorted hand tools: punches (round and square), fullers, butchers, sets, top & bottom swedges, cut-off tools (curved - various radii, straight, tapered), hardy shears, deep-draw hammers, lots of tongs, etc

photos at:

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.../B34_Kohlswa.jpg .../Peterwright.jpg .../Yader_blocks_bottoms.jpg .../Yader_blocks_tops.jpg .../all_hand_tools_no_tongs.jpg .../anvils_and_hammer.jpg .../hammer-motor_cone_bows.jpg .../hammer_upright.jpg .../hand_tools_and_tongs.jpg .../hand_tools_left.jpg .../hand_tools_right.jpg .../leg_vise_table-rot_right.jpg .../leg_vise_table_base_detatil.jpg .../rivet_forge_rot_right.jpg .../rivet_tbl_vise_top.jpg .../sets_and_tongs_right.jpg


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Dean Collins
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Re-babbiting a hammer is a major project. It might be easier to fab inserts. I'm already planning for the day my babbit bearings get too out of round to hold the crank.

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Charly the Bastard

not to be anal but 40 kg is around 90 lbs. (2.2 lbs to 1 kg) so which is it??

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98 lbs. Yeah, I'm being that way too...


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