SF Bay Area welding supplies

Can anyone recommend good welding supply and gas shops in the SF Bay
Area, particularly the East Bay, for home welders? Some places I've
contacted, while nice, are obviously putting more interest in
industrial accounts, and there prices for small stuff reflects that.
I'd like to buy local if I can; everything from consumable supplies to
welders and oxy-acetylene gear, and safety supplies.
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Rob Gendreau
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Atlas Welding Supply Co Inc 1224 6TH ST BERKELEY, CA 94710-1481 Tel: 510-524-5117
I moved to the Sac area about 6 years ago, so I haven't been there since. They *always* treated me good. Fair prices, exchanged my bottles I got elsewhere, answered stupid questions.
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Jim Stewart
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I have had similar good experiences with Speed-Ox, in Richmond. I won't say their prices are especially good, buyt they are in line. And they are VERY helpful, even going out of their way to find what I am looking for, when their profit would be zilch.
BTW, someone recently was looking for a place to get a regulator repaired, or to get parts. It is next door to Atlas Welding, cited above.
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Leo Lichtman
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A small shop with good service:
Mavry Welding Supply
2919 Union St. Oakland, CA 94608 Phone: 510.433.0240
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Billy Hiebert
The sweetest deal I ever had was when my next-door neighbor was the night supervisor at a regional gas distributer. I'd set my empties in has driveway in the evening and the next morning I'd have filled bottles in my driveway (:
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Jim Stewart

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