Traditional chinese smithing

Last night I watched about ten minutes of "Ancient Discoveries" on the
history channel. They talked about chinese swordsmithing a little.
Does anybody have any references for any of the chinese smithing practices?
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I have stacks of images and references for swords and melee weapons, from different cultures.
However for specific swords I would need a style or a "brand" (for want of better words). Then I can look it up and send a few pictures.
Basically I have precise references for European Dark Age swords, but my references for other cultures are usually in general tomes.
Regards Charles
MatthewK wrote:
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Hi Guy's
Unlike info on Japanese swordsmithing, info on Chinese smithing is scarce. It say's something about the differences in the two cultures I suppose. Also a LOT of old texts were destroyed during the "Cultural Revolution". SO much for progress eh? It is frustrating for people who WANT TO KNOW, because they want to actually DO it! Anyway, here are a few sites to get you started. I had others but they were lost in a crash. Mostly I was surprized at how rough and ready small family forges apear to be. be warned, there is a lot of garbage swords coming out of China these days but there are a few who seem to do it right.
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have fun, Glen G. in Pgh.
Chilla wrote:
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Cool, thanks for the links. :) It doesnt help the first emperor of china was a freaking book burner either. :) COmputer crashes/updates get me too.
One of my internet friends is chinese(hubei), she just doesn't get why I am interested in traditional chinese culture. :)
matthew ohio
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