Animatics C5200?

I've picked up an Animatics C5200 2 axis servo controller, but I have
no docs or software.
Anybody have docs, software, ... that they can pass along? I've
contacted Animatics, but they no longer have anything for this product.
I am hoping to use it to control a 2 axis CNC lathe if I can find docs
on how to use/control it.
MODEL: C5200
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cnc lathe?, sounds awesome!!! my best bet for you is to hook it up to any retail radio reciver or evn hard wire rc controller and just observe the signals in the wires. it can be done with a simple digital multimeter, seeing as how the voltage isint that high it should be pretty simple depending on wether it is analog or digital, it might say on the label. sorry i couldent help mutch!
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