Drill cycle tricks....

Didja know you can specify coord shifts within a drill cycle?
Yes indeedy.
There's only one pro'leng:
Upon specifying G52, it seems that the cycle wants to drill the last hole
twice, before making the coordinate shift.
Examples from my overly-complicated vise jaw program (which takes me longer
to figger out how to use it each time, than it does to make the fukn jaws):
This is for the kurt vise, whose holes are 3.875 c-c, but two of them, for
those long jaws I was posting about.
N50L101( various coordinates'n'shit, incl. data for making the holes ovals
N51#R1=V10/2' X ( actually 3.875/2
N52#R8=8.5( actually 17" between sets of holes: E1 is at geo center
N53G52X-R8Y0( for the left hand vise holes
N55M3S1500( I just lernt to sep this out from Line 54, from someone's
sample code post, as it's now easy to slash out, for dry runs without the
spindle -- saves effing air, yo.
N58G83G98R+0.1Z-1.2F12.1Q0.5L0( usually put L0
N59L301( executes the first pair of holes, lh vise
N60G52X+R8Y0( coord shift for second pair of holes
N61L301( second pair of holes, rh vise
OK, fine'n'dandy, except Line 60 causes one hole to be drilled twice. At
least on fadal CS-88 controls.
How to fix?
Another L0 on line N60!!!!!
To wit:
N58G83 ... . . . . . . . . . . . L0
Muthafucka!!! Voila!
For cadcamless assholes, coordinate shifts within a cycle argerment can make
things pretty convenient, saves some code, etc.
Now it's nice not to have holes drilled goddamm twice.
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Try sticking in an L0 or L1 at the last position at the end of the line(or the equivalent code). Might force it to drill only once.
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